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Captain Kenny K

Captain Kenny K was born and raised fishing and it has always been a passion for him. Join him in Rockport, Texas and let him show share this passion with you and show you the beauties of fishing in this part of Texas.

The boat you’ll use for fishing is a 2021, 22’ Trans Cat that can fish up to 6 anglers. It runs on a 250 HP Suzuki engine and uses all the modern fishfinder and GPS technology for good navigation. The boat also has a livewell to provide you with live bait.

Captain Kenny will supply you with all the rods, reels, tackle, and live bait you’ll need for your trip. When the fishing’s done, he can also clean and fillet your catch at no extra cost. Before you depart, you should just bring your licenses and the food and drinks of your choice.

1-2 people $640. + cc fee 3.5%
3 people $745.+ cc fee 3.5%
4 people $850 + cc fee 3.5%
5 people $1065 + cc fee 3.5%
6 people $1275 + cc fee 3.5%

Your sure to have a great Fishing Adventure with Capt. Kenny


From: $600.00



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