Woody' S fishing

Captain Cory R

Captain Cory R does great fishing on the inshore waters and flats just off the Gulf of Mexico. Capt. Cory is not only a fisherman but an all-round outdoor enthusiast who also loves to go duck hunting and on Texan river adventures when he’s not at the coast.

When you meet with him at the marina he’ll take you aboard his 18’ Marshall Cat center console boat. It’s a steady craft that can handle the nearshore waters and flats with ease.

Redfish and Trout are common here so they’ll be your main target but you can also come across Largemouth Bass, Flounder, Spanish Mackerel, Ladyfish, and Blacktip Shark when you’re out cruising about. Capt. Cory has both light and heavy tackle to get the job done and uses techniques such as popping, spinning, bottom fishing, and jogging to get the job done.

1-2 people $640. + cc fee 3.5%
3 people $745.+ cc fee 3.5%
4 people $850 + cc fee 3.5%

From: $600.00